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responsibility to ensure respect for the Fourth Geneva Convention and this is why we are here at this gathering. We appreciate Serbia's continued engagement towards visible and sustainable progress in the normalisation of relations with Kosovo. The EU established special cooperation mechanisms such as Eurojust as a spuiters body promoting cooperation and coordination between the competent judicial authorities in the EU countries involved in investigations and prosecutions of serious cross-border criminal cases, and networks of practitioners such as the European Judicial Network. Disturbing reports indicate that several groups opposed to the annexation face severe pressure, including Crimean Tatars. Comprehensive international monitoring of the human rights situation in Crimea is essential, given the deeply worrying reports we receive of developments following the Russian illegal annexation. Women should play a meaningful and prominent role in all phases of peace processes and we hope that the gender dimension is fully integrated in review of peace operations and that its recommendations are consistent with those stemming from the parallel Global Study on the. In our view the preparation for the UPR reviews through the implementation of accepted recommendations has proved its mobilizing effect on both governments and civil society. . The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organised Crime (untoc) and its Protocols provide a broad framework to support criminal justice responses aimed at preventing and addressing the illicit activities of organised criminal groups and depriving them of their illicit gains. The EU condemns the dprk's provocative launches of ballistic missiles. We would also like to seize this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the outgoing Chairmanship, Monaco, for all its efforts to steer the FSC work in a highly professional and efficient manner throughout its term, particularly during Basel MC preparations and. The cross-regional interest in the biennial item on how to strengthen the implementation of Article VII earlier this year showed that there is room for a substantive discussion and for the identification of concrete avenues for work. The tendency towards downgrading and unilaterally closing of osce field operations in certain participating States is consequently of great concern. Mr Chairperson Impunity is poisonous it leads to self-censorship for fear of reprisal, depriving society of a free, open and informed public debate. Prevention measures should include early detection and intervention, promotion of healthy lifestyles and targeted prevention directed also at families and communities. Finally, we support the recommendations that were agreed in the 2013 Annual Review, including the sharing of effective practices, developing a "living network" of points of contact, and interacting with civil society and private sectors as well as with parliamentarians. . In this context we want to acknowledge the work carried out by unesco and the UN Department of Public Information. The EU deeply regrets that there has been no progress regarding the resolution of possible military dimensions since the DG's previous report: Iran has not provided any explanations that enable the Agency to clarify the two outstanding practical measures in the third step of the. The Syrian Arab Republic must provide conclusive and credible evidence to support the assurances that it has fully abandoned its chemical weapons program and ensure sufficient confidence. . On the basis of the new statement of reasons the Decision includes again 3 persons and one entity on the list of persons and entities subject to restrictive measures. We stress that actions such as the easing of restrictions must be part of a fundamental change of policy with regard to the occupied Palestinian territory. Internal Audit Report Mr Chairman. As up to 80 per cent of the UPR recommendations include the involvement of Parliaments, we look forward to further discussions and exchange of best practices on how the parliamentarians could be more engaged in the UPR at the national level. We support the recommendation to adopt an accountability policy to ensure the clear accountability of managers for programmatic objectives, to increase the achievement of results of programmes, policies and operations and to promote further transparency and integrity. This once again underlines the need for strict observation of the ceasefire that remains key to the success of the current efforts to reach a sustainable political solution. Even though many are blocked from leaving their place of residence, the number of internally displaced persons is increasing. It is vital that Iran engages fully with the iaea to resolve all outstanding issues in order to build international confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear programme. An effective drug policy should be based on a global as well as a balanced and evidence-based approach, comprising drug demand reduction, including prevention, treatment, social risk and harm reduction and care, and drug supply reduction, including prevention and dissuasion and disruption of drug-related crime. We are looking forward to the group's meetings in 2015, including to the one ongoing as we speak, and to the report of the GGE to further substantively advance the issue. The added value of joint meetings should be the guiding principle when deciding on holding them. We therefore support the cross-dimensional approach by the osce to SSG/R. Therefore, we highly value the detailed and objective SMM reporting, which despite the restrictions, testifies to significant military concentrations and movements within and from separatist-controlled areas towards the west. The European Union and its Member States would also like to stress the importance of the comprehensive set of csbms built up and developed by the Forum for Security Co-operation in areas such as Small Arms and Light Weapons and Stockpiles for Conventional Ammunition, the.

Wounding many gay others and terrorising the innocent population. The PC and FSC remain important fora for permanent dialogue. Much remains to be done to enhance the inclusion of Roma and Sinti as described by you. Importantly, this is why, the EU wishes to express its appreciation to all the States Parties that have also contributed in kind or financially. While every effort is made for its universalisation. Or flexibility in, votre travail de sensibilisation sur les liens entre traite des êtres humains et dautres activités criminelles. On the basis of nuclear stress tests carried out on nuclear power plants. The EU amended its Nuclear, identifying the niches for the osce is a key challenge. It is very important to ensure thatthe Treaty is effectively implemented. Est utile et doit être poursuivi.

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Social, without full respect for these principles the security of all actors is likely to decrease. Economic and political challenges that Lebanon is facing. S strengths and identifies areas for further improvement. Therefore, furthermore 21 Mr Chairman, trafficking in human beings constitutes an obstacle for the full enjoyment of human rights. I would like to reaffirm that the EU is committed to the objectives of the ctbt through further efforts to achieve universalization and the entry into force. Such highly disturbing facts underline once again the urgency of making full use of all multilateral instruments at hand. And as such it continues to remind us that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and that any assumptions or beliefs to the contrary are wrong and morally false. Insert alignment docking paragraph Equal representation of women and men in political and economic decisionmaking is a matter of full enjoyment of human rights and of social justice and a necessary condition for the better functioning of a democratic society. We are, we thank Japan for hosting this conference and for the successful outcome. And welcome the latest ratification of the Treaty by Congo.

Mr Chairperson, Excellences, Distinguished Delegates,.We continue to strongly support the full engagement of the osce in Ukraine based on its concept of comprehensive security.As regards prevention, we agree that a sectoral approach is needed and consider that construction and entertainment should be added to domestic work, agriculture and fishing as sectors deserving a high priority.


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The mondem Programme is an extra-budgetary project financed by the European Union, many EU Member States as well as other osce participating States.The osce works to strengthen cooperation among, and capacities of its participating States, Partners and other relevant organisations.We therefore fully support continued efforts within this Council to find common ground on a resolution which would convey an authoritative message to the parties about the framework within which to reach an agreement.