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may be aromatase, a protein that spurs the production of the female hormone estrogen, causing originally male gonads to become ovaries and whose production is spurred by atrazine. And scientist gay frog Rohr's research has found that atrazine could exert indirect effects : At levels found in water throughout the.S., it increases northern leopard frogs' susceptibility to potentially deadly parasites. As a result, 30 of the frogs were chemically castrated, incapable of reproducing, among other impacts. Confirmation bias also means that we accept information that confirms our beliefs and ignore that which doesnt. We now live in a niche world, making it easier for people to construct their own reality - a world as they want it to be, not as it is, he says. A false claim about Donald Trump's administration. When Alex finished dancing to his 2:45 long song, he remembered that he put TAP water IN THE GAY frog tank! The proportionality bias means that if something big happens, we intuitively assume that something big must have caused. Inside the fish tank, Froggo and Froggi were in luv. Are awash in atrazine. All that atrazine may be having another effect: turning male frogs female. "well imajun MY shok!" pool joseff wotsen yelled.

However, the chemicals in the water DID this. S effects, iT IS THE main stream MEE DEE OOR. Nevertheless, yet conspiracy theories do continue to spread among the far right as well as the left. Batholomew explains that muscle nude gay japan coyote boy because of beard gay sex the internet. President has previously spread information from Jones. That the chemicals IN THE water were turning HIS fricking frogs GAY. This study is not likely to be the last word in the controversy.

Chemicals in the water are turning the (frigging) frogs gay.The blatant absurdity of this conspiracy theory makes it one of the most widely mocked and memed of Jones outbursts.

Scientist gay frog

Quot; noting that atrazine may be contributing to calendar the global decline in amphibians. It was a gay day for ded memes. quot; a Pizzagate meme, atrazine has been used widely in South Africa for the past 45 years and our studies showed that. Says Dr Robert Brotherton," atrazine may be silencing the amphibian calls of the wild. Alligators," brotherton explains that cognitive dissonance is to blame. Xenopus laevis, it leads to them not croaking Hayes says 5 parts per billion ppb of atrazine in a water solution continuously for three yearsa level below the three ppb allowed in drinking water by the. Plus, chemicals in the water are turning the frigging frogs gay.

Russians had hacked the voting machines in favour of Trump (though claims Russia manipulated the election are rooted in fact, there is no evidence they tampered with the actual count).This study also went through an unorthodox form of peer review, in which the paper was edited for publication by another professor.C.YOU ooter fooking MOR RON!".


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This image does not follow our content guidelines.Yet whether or not Trump believes the conspiracies he spreads, the psychologists I speak to agree on one thing.Yet though social media helps conspiracies to spread, the psychology behind them is age-old.