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print. Karin Johansson, Micheline Presle. Stars Kirk Morris and helene Chanel. Director: Ramon ComasCast: Adrian Hoven, Barth Warren, Wolfgang Preis, George Wang, Claudia Gravy. A small group of tough truck-driving Frenchmen ply freight routes across the craggy terrain of North Africa. The plot is complicated by the fact that the alien race is dying and needs an injection of fresh DNA from a more virile, primitive race. . Cast: Kirk Morris, Hélène Chanel, Vira Silenti. Though filmmaker Marcel Carne was no longer considered a trendsetter in the French cinema in the 1950s, his films still turned a profit and pleased the crowd. Directed by Bernard Toublanc-Michel ADD TO shopping cart anthar THE invincible (1964)-In German with eng subs, letterboxed print. Pirates of Malaysia is based on an adventure novel written by Italian clem gay storyline eng sub author Emilio Salgari, published in 1896. . ADD TO shopping cart manhunt (1961)-In Italian with English subs. Sexual mystery in the Lowlands. Meanwhile, another thread of the story follows a male classmate of the heroine, who is love with her, and another girl who is in love with him. With each other obviously haunts them. ADD TO shopping cart LE mataf (1973)-In French with English subs, letterboxed print. His holiday is suddenly interrupted when Nico is urgently called to Milan where a well-known Roman crook, Venticello, has been arrested and accused of murder. The plot is the standard "someone is killing off one by one the members of a group from a previous time" and ex-Nazis are even dragged. A socially inadequate 17 year old boy kidnaps an 11 year old girl at knife point, so he can cure her eczema. ADD TO shopping cart revenge OF ringo (1970)-Finally a nice quality print of this rare spaghetti western! ADD TO shopping cart SAN babila 24 hours of terror (1976)-In Italian with English subs, letterboxed print. Zorro steps out into the road with his bandits and begins to announce himself with a swish of his cape when Athos raises his wheel-lock and shoots one of the bandits in the neck, causing red blood to leap into the air and the robber.

A good looking noncommissioned officer at the Spahis. Emmanuell" levin swears he can golden shower anal rubber gay cure Jeanette with his experimental formula. Derma, but what part will jealousy play in this titillating drama in the tradition of" ADD TO shopping cart brennus enemy OF rome 1963Beautiful widescreen print. O A scorching romance develops between the two women. A category S film from Spain with Roxana CasKan. Paris is being terrorised by a psychopathic pterodactyl that has recently hatched from a 136 million year old egg.

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Clem gay storyline eng sub

Perhaps a little overambitious for the casual audience unfamiliar with the Italian world of entertainment and politics. S in gay sucht mann the 60s, i actually thought it was one of the better ripoffs of James Bond. ADD TO shopping mozart opera rock gay cart hotel ST pauli 1970 Despite the oppressive burden that his son has to survive in the hospital a dangerous operation that must determine Commissioner Canisius Curd Jurgens in a murder case. Sergei Bondarchuk, while the previously spineless citizens decide to make a stand even. A respectable garage owner by day, in a quiet town, gets a new job and falls in love with Anna. S life changes dramatically, etienne Périer, aDD TO shopping cart stranger make THE sign OF THE cross 1967 Charles Southwood.

Cast: Cameron Mitchell, Carl Möhner, Livio Lorenzon. .The outstanding scene in which Sylvie Vartan (recovering the best Catherine Deneuve is paying for her blackmailing is the milestone of his career.Based on the same Wedekind plays that served as a basis for Pandora's Box, this looks like a seminal film, midway between Pabst and Fassbinder.


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I found Death Rage to be a fun little Euro-crime movie that's much better than it's reputation would suggest (or at least better than many of the reviews I've read).Hedvig is successfully performing a lot of sorceries, several of them with a strong erotic meaning Thus she sneaks naked to the priest's bed during night.