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dates back to early 90s although no top flight footballers has come out openly as gay in their playing career and thats largely down to the fear of managements losing sponsors and the fear of fans backlash. Thomas Hitzlsperger: Public Admission: YES, know as The hammer by the Villa fans for having a deadly left foot, German International Thomas Hitzlsperger came out as gay in January 2014 after he retired from professional football at the age. Max Clifford says why he would and has advised gay players to stay closeted. The Justin Fashanu All-stars is open to both homosexual and heterosexual players. In a recently interview Campbell recalls that sports giants Puma were looking to endorse the very first openly gay footballer and they mistakenly contact him but the deal did not went through as he told them that he is not gay. He stressed his Leeds United connection did not mean he was talking about players at that club. Retrieved External links edit. "Comment is free Time for a gay footballer to follow Gareth Thomas's lead". 35 By players edit Heterosexual Swedish international and former Arsenal and West Ham United midfielder Freddie Ljungberg endured questions over his sexuality "due to his bachelor lifestyle str and love of musicals and fashion". He started his career with coventry city and currently playing with Yeovil Town. Do you think its a good idea for footballers to come out of the cabinet or this left as a private life decision and they should not be bothered revealing it in public? Like I said, dont mention a number. Reportedly they were unable find a player from the Premier League willing to endorse the video and production was postponed. 22 In 2010 the FA planned to shoot a video designed to discourage anti-gay hate-chants on the terraces. There are many openly gay politicians and entertainers who remained elected and popular with little or no criticism or comment on their sexuality. If you'd asked me in 2000 whether I thought we'd have a famous, openly gay footballer by 2010 I would have said yes. In August of the same year, Liverpool.C. Mr Haigh warned that it was made to feel like a shameful secret and that had to change. They are still playing, in the Premier League and Championship, but I wont mention names as a witch hunt helps no one. Close up of footballer's footwork to avoid being tackled (Image: Getty). A few days ago two England international footballers had to come out and clear the rumors about them being gay, first name was Ashley Cole and the later one is Luke Shaw who plays for Manchester United. 11 Both were later charged with misconduct by the. "Manchester United goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard says homosexual footballers 'need a hero' in the game". Sol Campbell, public Admission: NO, another top players who played for two of the biggest London clubs in premier league, Arsenal and Tottenham Sol Campbell was abused throughout his career for being a closet homosexual but he has denied the allegations for so long. Retrieved White, Duncan (16 February 2010). He then moved to Dubai before relocating to Cornwall where he now runs a hotel in Penzance.

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Could be a problem, i think being openly soccer gay would be something very difficult to live with in football. quot; but he does believe certain countries frown upon gay relationships and so club ownership. Retrieved b Williams, it reminded me of Brendan Ayanbadejo falsely intimating he knew four gay NFL players who were talking about coming out publicly together.

But the history of gay footballers dates back to early 90s although no top flight footballers has come out openly as gay in their playing career and thats largely down to the fear of managements, losing sponsors and the fear of fans backlash.Only 2 players in over 5000 professional football players have come out as openly gay, a scenario which has odds of over 1million to e aim of the campaign was to ask players to show support for gay football players and to kickstart a fundamental.

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They will confide in you," today we take a look at some famous cases of homosexuality in football and some current footballers who might be gays. quot;12 In 2008, sol Campbell received homophobic abuse from Tottenham Hotspur fans while playing for Portsmouth. To be sure, opposing fans who get drunk would likely marvin gaye birth and death be much more aggressive.


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My figure on the number of gay players is probably a gross under estimate.25 In that same year when the BBC asked all of the twenty Premiership managers their opinions on the issue as part of an investigation, all twenty refused.