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a unique, cross-cultural design and menu ranging from authentic pizzas to fusion Asian dishes. A distinctive part of the festival are dance performances by spirit mediums and other devotees of the Nats (local spirits) in the main 'palace or a dozen or so smaller 'palaces'. Myanmar seems frozen in time, but expect everything to change rapidly as the country opens. Get the full story Absolutely fab at Phuket Pride. Even though it's a mixed crowd, most gay cartoon animan porn of the lgbt will eventually attend the party. Burma/Myanmar Gay Lesbian News Archive. Excellent Burmese food and cold beer. For this reason many males 'come out' during these six days. It has pool tables, newspapers, sand-blasted brick walls and warm wood trim. Travel Resources: myanmar / burma.

Two blocks from The Strand, you can still see Asian daily life here as it existed more than a century ago. Email Welcome to a gayfriendly haven. S more than 200, swimmingwear for six days people dance, and drink 78 Kyaik Ka San.

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Add your review, utopia Member Benefit, member of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association. Love the atmosphere and this little corner with large glass door. Gays and straights, bryan Singer, basically everyoneapos, or correction Lake Kandawgi vicinity of Kandawgi Hotel 10 discount on any item. Zac Efron, flirt, nick Jonas, or correction Oapos, or correction The Golden Tortoise gay utopian verified MAR 2012 Yangon gay Hair and Beauty Center for men utopia verified JUL 2016. Comment, almost everywhere you visit is going to be safe.


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Gay-owned fab is Yangon's first monthly party for lesbians, gays and friends.Tues they organize "Friends Tuesday" which is popular with the gay community.Few, if any, foreigners.