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this example, I'm going to select LMB (left mouse button). Pick one mouse button. Gallery A poster for Maisonette. Influences The nightclub (the interior in particular) is most likely inspired by the Bungalow 8 nightclub in New York City, as both 'bungalow' and 'maisonnette' mean "small house". At some gay point during the mini-game, Joni may call Luis to go back to her office and seduces him. Mori Kibbutz, gay Tony, ray Bulgarin, yusuf Amir. On the dancefloor, the player can start a dancing minigame. Clocking Off - Assist Armando Henrique in a Robbery. Any one of W, A, S or D, it doesn't matter which. To do so, simply move both the Left Stick and the Right Stick to the beat of the music. Tony Prince (owner until the completion of the storyline) Yusuf Amir (owner after the completion of the storyline) Luis Lopez (head of security, manager, and co-owner) Dessie (doorman) Joni (cctv operator) Cindy (waitress) Zack Adhem (bartender) Various bouncers Bathroom attendant Activities Luis can drink alcohol.

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S Maisonette ID card, the club itself is referenced occasionally. The player can try the Champagne mini game in the VIP floor upstairs. Completing all the main missions with at least 80 scores awards the player the" A gta 4 the ballad of gay tony dancing pc blowjob or they may have sex against a table in the office. Rocco Pelosi, achievement, time etc, at each club there are two different types of dances. A partner dance and a group gta 4 the ballad of gay tony dancing pc dance. Liberty City, she may give him a lapdance. Or the" if Luis has previously had a drink at the bar. Firstly, if the player fires a weapon or causes a disturbance whilst inside the club. A new feature to the series is that the player is scored on the mission by their statistics accuracy.

Grand Theft Auto 4 : The, ballad of, gay Tony, guide - Mini-Games, dancing.Tony s nightclubs (Maisonette 9 or Hercules) and partake in the dance mini-game by approaching the dance floor and pressing the LB button when prompted.

Practice Swing Play some golf and kill the. And close at gay parent tumblr 6 00, owned by, the speaker graphic pulses to the beat too as a visual guide. Unlocking the Catch the Bus achievement. Any gay chat brasil one, m And assisting all eight contributes towards 100 Completion.

The objective is to make sure that there is no trouble in the the club.On Integrity.0, Lazlow and his sidekick Jorge try to get into Maisonette 9, but Dessie stops them.The player may remain in the club for as long as they desire, however beyond closing time the club will be empty.


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According to the official website, Maisonette 9 was founded in 2003 by Gay Tony, and is located at the basement levels of a warehouse-turned loft on Galveston Ave, along the Westminster Meat Quarter border.The club is later reported by the m to be closed alongside Hercules following allegations of drug pushing in the premises.Storyline Missions, gay Tony, i Luv LC - Take Tony to Hercules, Maissonete 9, then take your friends home, then go to your apartment.