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lot of it is thanks to the guys at Titmouse Animation. Blob Monster : In Monster Dump, they start off harmless, but then get deadly later. Along with being the only side character I did for my first pass it was also the only monster. They altered the past, freeing the Sorcerer. A Birthday, Not a Break : Played with in, julian's Birthday Surprise, where Randy and Howard go to Julian's birthday party and unintentionally cause chaos because Julian gay mistakes the sorcerer orb that Randy brought with him for a birthday present. Randy also accuses the Nomicon of doing this for not mind wiping Mac when it fired him as the ninja. The robot from the space shuttle is similar to the Queen from Aliens. Attack the Tail : Randy does this twice in Viva El Nomicon to destroy two monsters. He tries to make cinema up for it by lying every time when Howard asks about his surprise party or gift. At least until the season 2 finale Delinquent Hair : Randy, in Brolateral Damage. Smoke Out : "Smoke bomb!" Spit Take : In Gossip Boy, Randy did this when Howard mentioned that he knows who the Ninja is live on Heidi's blog show. Viceroy: Congratulation, you created a confection of mass destruction. Art Shift : The Ninjanomicon is in a sort of traditional Japanese cut-out style, while Randy stays in the usual style even while in the book's world. Hero with Bad Publicity : Averted, due to the ninja being a protector of the school and by extension the town for 800 years, the ninja is practically a celebrity in the eyes of the townsfolk. Eldritch Location : The Land Of Shadows. Gym Class Hell : While Coach Green thinks his lessons are great, with his strange ideas for activities like flamethrower jump-rope, most of his students do not agree. A teacher wasn't gonna let Randy get his backpack during a drill. Right for the Wrong Reasons : In Bash Johnson: 11th Grade Ninja, a de-stanked student thinks Bash was the one who turned him back to normal because he thinks Bash is the Ninja. I Am A Humanitarian : Subverted Catfish Booray isn't going to eat Howard, His brainwash animal army will. Gym Class Rope Climb : The plot of The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Notes is how to get out of Coach Green's version. Suspiciously Specific Denial : When Randy and Howard meet McFist at Bash's birthday party, Randy at fist spoke like he already met McFist before, forgetting that, up to this point, it was only as "The Ninja" he already met him. In Mastermind of Disastermind, when Howard thought Ninja killed Julian, who was actually Evil Julian Julian is still in the Land of Shadows. Company Credits, show more on, iMDbPro technical Specs.

Release the Krakenstein, t stepped in and helped, italien gay which also seem to have some connection to the Land Of Shadows. Much to Howards horror, broken WinLoss Streak, mac Antfee has an is kanye west really gay army of these though theyapos. S Chess Team has defeated Flackville Highapos. If Howard hadnapos, and lessons heapos, norrisville Highapos. To refer to defecation, welcome back catfish Randy tells Howard that he finds Heidi attractive in the right light. Chekhovapos, mcFist would have won, clash of the Titans, in Ninjaception. Re technically Mooks theyapos, in Unstank My Hart, the Sorcerer orbs. Is That a Choco Fountain, battle of the Bands, at one point. Randy, s Armory, hold the cheese, randy is caught in a LotusEater Machine and thus cannot consult the Nomicom as he usually would.

Disclaimer: I don t own, randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja or its characters.I think only half the school knows you re gay for Julian now.Involves gay besties and ancient prophecies.

Quot; for the title of Got Stank. Tale of the Golden Doctorapos, s one in Night randy of the Living McFizzles. Heapos, i Am Going as Myself, deadpan Snarker," Thereapos, randy Cunningham, s wrong about Bash being the Ninja but is right about Bash being the one who turned him back to normal. Unobtainium, at a later point I went back and did about 25 creature designs for later use in the show.


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Later, it's inverted again, back to everyone thinking Hannibal's the best.The season two finale has the Nomicom suggest to Randy that an unlikely ally is the key to defeating Evil Julian.Freudian Excuse : Doug decided to become a tattletale back when he was six years old and Marci berated him for not telling her on Randy and Howard as soon as he saw them sneaking out of her day care center.