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whoever you have just befriended. A sprawling, reed-thatched shack dotted with swaying pumpkin-gourd lamps, pulsing slightly with sounds from the still-chilled DJ set. Go to Santorini if youre interested in : Scenery, natural beauty, sunsets, romance, fine dining, wineries, boutique hotels, boat tours of nearby islands, and, uhm, volcanoes. Padstow, if you will, with the dusty car park full of windsurfer boards being hoisted into the backs of Jeeps as lunch segues into happy hour. Be a hedonist over lunch, a long, rosé-fuelled feast that might start at, say, four in the afternoon and end at around 10 at night. The trick is to take a villa within walking distance and pay an idle youth to stand in line for you the moment Kiki's opens at midday. Visiting either island for a few hours in the afternoon is not a good way to appreciate each islands highlights. Try the newly refurbed Interni bar and restaurant in a sunken bougainvillaea courtyard. Only to have to get on it again in a few hours for the ride back. Mykonos will do its best by you. Well, it did for me anyway. To while away the hours waiting under the relentless sun, visit the miracle-bead man selling his wares outside, a gentle British expat who gay makes bracelets and necklaces out of leather and glass that glows in a certain light. Tip: the meatballs here are made by the owner of To Maereio, a family-run taverna in town, which is full of cool, often shoeless locals. Shoulders the colour of conkers, pareos fashioned from Louis Vuitton leopard-print scarves, diamonds, a conspicuous lack of make-up and perfect masculine top knots. So my short answer would be: if you have 5 days or less then go to Santorini. But if the idea of starting your evening at 3am fills you with an almost existential sense of gloom, as it does me, don't worry. The best weather for both islands is from late May to early October. Skip forward to the present day and the vibe really is more hippy than hardcore. The shoe designer Brian Atwood has been holding his birthday party. In true island fashion, it hardly ever worked. The only hurty things here are sea urchins, which are delicious in the pasta served at Spilia on Agia Anna, a restaurant on the other side of the island, approachable only over rocks. Caprice Bar, Mykonos Jenny Zarins Afterwards, those who can bear to be seen in a bathing suit - Kiki's portions are huge - should go down to Agios Sostis, arguably Mykonos 's best beach. And then it seemed to lose the plot for a while in the late 1980s. Advertisement Markos Taverna, Mykonos Jenny Zarins For such an experience, go to Nammos or Coo (for sushi) on Psarou beach - the Grecian answer to St Tropez's Le Club 55 - where a meal can cost more than the villa you rented. Forget about deck chairs, forget about clothes if you wish (though, gentlemen, remember the sea can be shrinkingly cold) and be careful on the flat, slippery stones, which are difficult to negotiate if you don't know precisely where to get. Nestled in the cosmopolitan island, discovered by jet setters, are the island bungalows and private villas. Whichever restaurant you choose, the vibe is largely the same. Our picks tonight, a Very British Country House, channel. Read more 29 Agias Fotinis str, Athens, 14231. How could it not be? Mykonos is a fun island that has a great buzz. Fresh modern aesthetic and strong 60s glam elements. They are 3 hours apart by ferry so getting between, mykonos and Santorini is fairly easy.

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As per Greek Orthodox tradition there was Champagne on the terrace. On the way home stop at Venetis bakery 84600, and some summers there isnt, from Alisters to Italian quadbikers. And partying 5squarekilometre slab of rock, watch our first gay summer mykonos if you get a second wind after an extended Mykonianstyle lunch. S son Mykons, you might just want to push.

For the best selection of Mykonos villas, visit m Read next This feature was first published in Condé Nast Travelle r August 2015 Travel Guide To Mykonos Advertisement Best villas on the Greek Islands Find flights to Mykonos, Greece SkyScanner.I do not recommend doing a day trip from Mykonos to Santorini or Santorini to Mykonos.Since most people.


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It was 10 years ago that we started summering.But, Zeus willing, by next summer it will be ours - it must be ours, for, come summer, there is no better place to be than.Below the multi-tiered house, possibly the most spectacular property in Mykonos, a taxi rank of guests' yachts was moored in the bay.