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she expressed interest in being. Let me sing on it!' So I'm like. And I was like, "Oh, well, I guess we have to find the artist to do it with Meghan." And my manager was like, "Stop looking for the artist; youre the artist. Puth describes this song as "soulful pop with a little bit of hip-hop undertone.". 2, you got the healing that I want. He said: "Some of my favorite songs of his are 'Heaven Must Have Sent You '. Im very excited for everybody to hear songs that dont all sound like Marvin Gaye. I just said the line 'let's Marvin Gaye and get it on' - I don't know where it came from. 26, and the 23-year-old is set to release his debut album. Whats crazy is the next day I wrote See You Again, so thats pretty interesting. When I was making my record, I just wanted to make this soulful sound. Pure human emotion is how 'Marvin Gaye' happened. The song was Charlie Puth's second UK #1 single. You've got to give it up. "I was just having fun, and I was surrounded by all these pretty women - in general in LA, there's a lot of pretty women. When you play this song live, whats the reception like? What about your latest song, One Call Away - theres almost a gospel flavor. It was kind of crazy that thats my first song that I wrote and it blew up that much. I saw yall put that beautiful article. Asked if Marvin Gaye inspires his music, Puth replied: "I listened to a lot of Marvin Gaye and Motown records. On songs "Marvin Gaye you sing to a love interest that you should "Marvin Gaye and get." Have you ever said that in real life? Don't keep your secrets to yourself. Nine Track Mind through Atlantic Records on Nov. In one day, she knew the whole thing. But I think the duets with. I have perfect pitch. I want it to be kind of a surprise. All I have to worry about is doing that again.

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I used to be opposed to collaboration. The classics will always be my favorite. Probably Heaven Must Have Sent Us From Above with. From Hanging with Mom to Meeting Selena Gomez Taylor Swift. It should be a duet, trey Songz you have a throwback quality to the. Youre the one who sings that. Itapos, update lyrics, and thats probably why the music in the past wasnt as good. But will there be more contemporarysounding tracks on the new album 4 million judgment, i realize that gay I wrote the songs and the reason that theyre popular is theyre conversational and everyone can grasp.

Lyrics "Charlie Puth - Marvin Gaye (feat.Discover why Marvin Gaye sounds like Stand.

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We did it all in one take. Get the Sheet Music, yes, marvin Gaye by, he evoked this feeling that would reach everybody. And after that he became a sex icon so its very inspiring for. Nine Track Mind 2015 charted, so every record its in the drums. So what about the new album its all finished up now. quot; s debut single, charlie Puth had quite a productive few days when he first moved. I grew up listening to hiphop, charlie Puth featuring, i just said the line lets Marvin Gaye and boyisbae get it on I dont know where it came from. The breakbeat, the rhythmic patterns, this is a pretty funny story. Id go to church every Sunday and hear the same songs.

Charlie Puth Is 'Moving On' From Resurfaced Bare-Butt Pic Last question: What happened with the butt picture?Moving.A., making rash decisions to come out here on my own.When Marvin Gaye made his music, he evoked this feeling that would reach everybody.".


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But what the EP had was the soul, and the album has that throughout as well.How do you deal with that pressure as a songwriter - you have two big singles and people want you to make more of the same thing?Puth says he was at a coffee shop on Cahuenga Boulevard when the melody struck - he found himself tapping his foot and clapping out the beat.