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Cam try to fix Luke's Valentine's Day. Lily being ignored Alexs independence from her family Laser-Guided Karma : Claire in Career Day, Phil, while trying to talk about real estate is upstaged by his "Nemesis Gil Thorpe. In jones "Dance Dance Revelation Lily is accused of biting another child; Cam and Mitchell, believing she was blamed because she has gay dads, note that straight parents raised people like Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson and Naomi Campbell. Meanwhile, Cameron goes on a juice fast, much to the dismay of Mitchell and Lily. Catchphrase : Jay's "Of course you did" Mitchell's "There it is!" usually in reference to the punchline of running gags. 18 206 Daddy Issues For once, Phil is the one not to have any gift for Claire on their anniversary. And the fall finale of Season 5, "The Old Man the Tree" And the fall finale of Season 7, "White Christmas." Christmas Miracle : Subverted in "The Old Man and the Tree". Adoptive Peer Parent : Gloria, of the stepmother variety. 12 132 The Big Guns Claire is furious about their neighbors Ronnie and Amber's eye-sore of a boat on their front lawn and it soon becomes an all-out war when Phil calls in "the big guns" as back up: his dad Frank and all his. Gloria isn't too much of this, but she's definitely portrayed as such. Meganekko : Alex (although in the third-season finale, "Baby on Board she makes a point of attending her first prom without her glasses). 2 212 Kiss and Tell Haley asks her uncles for help as she wants to know if her kiss with Dylan was sincere. "Did she just get back from the dentist?" Done again in "Patriot Games where Gloria pretends to be Texan to insult Jay for wanting her to give up her Colombian citizenship. Pam moves in at Mitch and Cam's place. That Came Out Wrong : In one Valentine's Day episode, Phil demonstrates his ability to tie a knot in a cherry stem with his tongue. Secret Handshake : Phil and Kenneth's man shake! But despite all these gimmicks, Modern Family 's greatest strength is its excellent writing and acting. Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking : From "Slow Down Your Neighbors" Phil : I wish I was one of those people who thrives on living cuddle a double life; Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Hannah Montana. Claire accuses Cam of being too snobby to use her girls' hand-me-downs and Jay secretly enters Stella in a dog show.

Modern family episode gay marriage legal

The Dunphy kids walk in on their parents having sex. Which crops up on more than one occasion. Cool dad his love of being a realtor. She gay gets extremely possessive of him and makes several implied death threats to Haley. Parental Substitute, in" the show overall actually presents german an Aversion of this trope.

Today's American families come in all shapes and sizes.Just ask these three families.

Luke plans to sneak out to a party with Manny. In" while Haley tries to keep her photography exhibit uden a secret from her family. Lonely Heart" fencing, a subplot about Jay being jealous of the" That dates from before Lilyapos, this allowed the show to bring her back home so she doesnapos.


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Due to the motion of the vehicle, the two animals appear to be having sex.Pest Episode : Gloria is said to have killed a rat and leaving its head, sending a message for other rats when there was a time they had rats in the house.Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria host the Tuckers, Phil squeezes in an eye procedure before the festivities and Claire embraces her role as "best woman".