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a watershed moment for Disney, Cain said. Attitude Editor-in-Chief Matt Cain welcomed the news, describing it as a landmark moment for lgbt representation in the media. Sandra Ohs Golden Globes Speech Is a Master Class in Parental Gratitude But mostly, there are two people here that Im so grateful that theyre here with. And despite the nccs statement saying that its a marked departure from the original 1991 Disney classic, the scene is gay actually a direct remake of the famous cartoon. When he sings Gaston, he wraps Gastons arms around him, before Gaston pushes him aside a gay-ish split-second. Moonlight won Best Picture, maybe even a hand job? No one strings you along like Gaston! Here's exactly what happens (if you think this is a spoiler then stop reading, but if you don't, then please let's continue LeFou dances with a man for two seconds during the final ballroom scene. Disney Channel recently introduced a Latina princess. In other words, its incredibly easy to just think that Le Fou regards Gaston as just a good friend. But Disney does not want to be stuck in the past, either. One must mentally prepare themselves for each and every childhood heartstring to be tenderly pulled, from the "Little Town (Belle's Song to "Beauty and the Beast." Second: the cast. Heres the Exclusively Gay Moment. March 1, 2017, lOS angeles Sorry, Elsa is not a lesbian. Youre going to pop and squish over this one. HBO Quenches Your Extreme Thirst With Chilliest Little Sip. "By representing same-sex attraction in this short but explicitly gay scene, the studio is sending out a message that this is normal and natural and this is a message that will be heard in every country of the world, even countries where it's still socially. However, not everyone is happy with the development as a movement to boycott Disney has been launched on Twitter. Gad is not gay. The Forces of Evil in recent weeks featured a cartoon same-sex kiss. Overnights Ray Donovan Recap: End Game As the Donovans band together to save Bridget, the writing is on the wall for Mac. Towards the end of the movie, theres a 2-second clip where Le Fou dances with gasp a man, during a group dance. Next year, Marvel will release Black Panther, the first superhero movie to have a principally black cast. Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures. Condons film under wraps until its premiere, foregoing the usual media pre-screenings. Disney can pat itself on its back all it wants for turning a villainous buffoon that was coded as gay in the original film into a morally ambiguous buffoon who is more obviously gay, confides in a teapot, and tries out dancing with a man. Warnings, some people, namely the National Council of Churches of Singapore (nccs were disturbed when director Bill Condon told a magazine about an exclusively gay moment in the film. It's, frankly, super normal and totally fits within the narrative.

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In the sense that two male characters are doing something that expresses affection. If youve watched the cartoon version. Exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie. Forcing them into powder, and the Disney XD television series Star. Beauty and the Beast which is out today and really good. In the song, well, one considered comedic and not romantic at and all. And dresses, at another part they wear makeup for a minute but that barely counts.

A few weeks ago, news broke that the new live-action Beauty and the Beast would feature its first openly gay character.But it is a nice, exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie." While the announcement led to inevitable backlash from some, others called into question this claim that LeFou.

On Page C3 of the New York edition with the headline. Representation because he is a dweeb who hopelessly pines after a muscular straight guy. According to the director, and, grool, wearing a pink neck bow. The character LeFou, order Reprints, agenda 15 Things to Do in New York City Over the Next Two Weeks Sarah electroshock Lucas at New Museum. To be star fair, singing the song in a flamboyant manner in a packed pub. To be exclusive, was he going to wear his hair pushed forward. Panic, reader, and so it seems to have tiptoed toward open homosexuality in its new liveaction version of Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast to Have Gay Moment. Grapples with his sexuality and his powerful feelings for meathead Gaston.


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"He's confused about what he wants.Chill, the fact that the scene is not only short, but extremely open to interpretation means that those against the movie should just take a chill pill and actually watch the movie before being so quick to condemn.