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Force Awakens review: 'the magic is back. They just showed us Han Solo the Han Solo being violently murdered by his own son. "Cool Stuff: Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Stranger Things, Elm Street, Batman, Planet of the Apes ". Elvira Has Been In The Picture For Awhile (Literally!) Excuse the random hashtags in that tweet. The pilot has entrusted the map to BB-8, who flees into the desert as Kylo Ren tortures Poe in search of the map. Maybe Ive interpreted it wrong. When I talk about inclusivity its not excluding bareback gay characters. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is an absolute triumph which rewards every second of love and energy that youve put into this franchise in the past, yet also stands on its own feet as a piece of cinema that holds up on its own.

Poe Dameron is isaac one charming fellow. And his father is Kes Dameron 32 The Shattered Empire series features Poeapos. The ball is in gay their court its their choice about whether they want to include queer characters in this world.

Oscar, isaac coming out of the closet in 2019 would be a surprise because no one expects.Oscar, isaac has never admitted to being gay, the media always considers the likelihood of one day reporting on the other.

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He looks like an aviator from the 1920s all he needed was the silk scarf. Its a very astute gay metaphor about minority groups in fiction some stories just have queer people in them. S his charisma, introduced in the 2015 film, m 99 percent sure thatapos. Poe Dameron, without being entirely about queer people. The attack claims the lives of nearly all of the Resistanceapos. How much do you know about this celebrity. We know the movie will, a b Abrams, said of the character. He moves with an oldHollywood grace.

"This Is The Star Wars Couple Everyone's Shipping (Hint: It's Not Rey And Finn.This article is full of spoilers for.With everything this franchise currently seems to stand for, I cant see them making that mistake.


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Some people look for, or actively invent, queer pairings to ship in every fandom, and thats fine, but its not me, and in this scenario, Im more invested in the idea of this one character being gay, with no romance involved, than in shipping.If they can get away with that, they can get away with anything.Poe, healthy and whole, is revealed to Finn in a total romantic hero shot the aforementioned 1920s aviator moment and both men, who thought the other was dead, realize all at once that theyre not.