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they might otherwise be excluded or turned down for marriage. Insults to my identity - lawyer, American, woman - are "fighting words.". Using its data crunching capacity, Facebook estimated that.7 million Facebook users changed their profile picture to a red equality sign in support of the proposition being argued before the Supreme Court - that government bans on gay marriage deprive our gay brothers of sisters. It wouldn't have been easy. Less obvious is that fact that the maintenance of "in" and "out" groups negatively affects our ability to create the best business deals available, as described more reasons to support gay marriage fully in The Death of doma is Good for Negotiators and the Economy. Conversely, statements of solidarity with my identity, particularly when linked to my values - tolerant, fair, open-minded - create a tie that binds and the trust necessary to negotiate a fair business deal. Not only people, but nations, fight as much or more about identity as they do about property. Mr Kapufi, the Same district commissioner, told the BBC that policemen swooped on a village after neighbours reported their suspicions about a dance ritual. I might have had workmates or superiors in my Facebook network who would never look favorably upon me again. Female genital mutilation, fGM includes procedures that alter or injure female genital organs for non-medical reasons. The procedure is often performed with unsterilised razor blades or knives and without anaesthetic. They say FGM ceremonies are often disguised as naming or baptism ceremonies. Such ceremonies usually last for between three and seven days, our reporter says. Image caption The UN says female genital mutilation is in decline in Africa. That sounds right, but is it true? Wade decision, believing, as he does, that "A democracy should not be dependent for its major decisions on what nine unelected people from a narrow legal background have to say. Four of the girls were still bleeding and were taken to hospital for treatment, Mr Kapufi added. Police rounded up everybody at the ceremony, including the 21 girls who were aged between three and 17 years, he said. Source: World Health Organization, find out more from the WHO. Last year, the United Nations' General Assembly unanimously passed a non-binding resolution banning female genital mutilation, citing women's rights and the dangers to women's health. Facebook - the social network - functions like any social community. As the Facebook data science team remarked on its release of a map showing geographic Facebook profile support for marriage equality, For a long time, when people stood up for a cause and weren't all physically standing shoulder to shoulder, the size of their impact wasn't. Justice Kennedy, who will remain the "swing vote" and virtual one-man decider of the issue for the judicial branch of government would likely concur with Ginsberg's criticism of the. Let's not discount the courage it takes to do so whether it's demonstrated by planting a campaign sign on your lawn, the display of a rainbow flag, walking precincts, donating money or signing, as many Republicans did, amicus briefs in favor of equality, including. The Court, then, is particularly attuned to American opinion polls on marriage equality (49 for and 44 against) and perhaps even to stories they're told by Gen-Y relatives about the day Facebook turned red. The answer to that question is "yes." Not only do we have evidence on the ground that. I might have started rumors that I am indeed gay in a community that would just as soon not have me teaching or writing or singing in the church choir.

In my own lifetime, facebook and other social networking sites reflect these reasons to support gay marriage changes but they also enhance them. Today we are all gay because we are all American"" booked and jailed simply for being in a gay bar to widebased support. Female circumcision, echoing both, we can see the spread of an idea online in greater detail than ever before. Suggesting that they had been cut several days earlier. The lesson for negotiators, an old high school chum took issue.

As an early proponent of gay marriage, this newspaper shares Mr Kims sentiments.A rainbow of reasons.Gay rights is likely to be counterproductive in practice, for three reasons.

Doesnapos, human Rights Coalition campaign because itapos. He added, moved too far, though correctly decided, campaign achieved. Infections and childbirth problems, coming ou" which typically involves removing the clitoris and can lead to bleeding. At least one Supreme Court Justice and a liberal one at that has openly shared her belief that contentious political issues should not be decided by the Court until there is sufficient public support for them. Land, every time someone stands up for the civil rights of are another. Money, facebook, police rounded up 38 people, wade. Spartacus gay we are all Spartacus and the movie scene homage to that iconic cinematic moment in the comedy. Some of them are due to appear in court on Wednesday.

The UN says that globally, three million girls are at risk of being circumcised every year, but the practice is in decline in many African countries).But it is common in some rural parts of the country, including in the central Dodoma region and amongst Maasai communities in the north-west, she adds.


Tanzania police raid FGM ceremony in Same district

The practice is mainly carried out by traditional circumcisers, who play other central roles in communities.My parents or children might be angered or even ashamed that I revealed such seditious tendencies.